Ingrained Walls

Ingrained Walls is a separate brand launched by D+W Studio.  Ingrained Walls designs and produces The Archipelago Collection, which is a line of dimensional wood wall tiles.  The line consists of 14 different designs that can be used to create an elegant and modern feature wall for hospitality, corporate, retail or high end residential environments.


BelloSono is a line of solid cork wall panels that are textured to create a stunning wall surface that has the added benefit of sound absorption. These panels have amazing sound reducing properties due to the natural characteristics of cork.  The panels are made entirely of cork without any glue and are an incredibly sustainable product.  BelloSono panels are a unique and environmentally friendly way to create a sound absorbing feature wall for restaurants, lobbies, or anywhere that there is a need for an aesthetic wall surface that can reduce sound.  Contact us for pricing or design options.

Product Downloads

Bellosono brochure (pdf)